Open House Event – 24 November

Jennie Jones is doing an open house viewing on Saturday, the 24th of November 2018 from 10am to 5pm, at 141 upper Clontarf street Seaforth, (corner of Judith St and Upper Clontarf St) – with another local artist.

Jennie and Anita are two local northern beaches artists, who have a passion for trying to capture the beauty and allure of the northern beaches. They have very different styles; one using bright colours and one using a suggestive monochromatic format, but both share the same vision.

It’s difficult to book a venue to display their work and very expensive to hire places. But, since they are passionate about their artwork and love the idea that it can be affordable for everyone, they are opening up one of their own homes for an exhibit to pass on the savings with artworks starting at just $20.

Jennie loves trying to recreate the beauty of the northern beaches in bright colourful realistic paintings and is happy to take orders for specific scenes which can include pets and family members. She is contactable at

Anita has a very striking  style of black and white monochrome northern beaches images, which are highly appealing and affordable. She also specialises in hand-cast, one of a kind house numbers that can be made to order. Anita operates under the name urban island design. (just need to get that right)

They are showcasing a years’ worth of art work on the day with lots to offer. Please visit on the day to find art of your choosing, a showpiece for someone’s home, or a lovely Christmas present.

Open Saturday 24 November 10pm to 5pm