JENNIE JONES was born in Canberra and now lives on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Jennie lived and studied in Japan for four years and upon returning to Australia studied Art and Design for three years full time at East Sydney Technical College, (now the National Art School). After working in design for years she turned to painting in 2002.

From 2002 she has exhibited with the Pittwater Community arts combined exhibits and has also sold artworks through various shops throughout the Northern Beaches. She has also completed many privately commissioned work.

“Creating beautiful pieces of artwork is a passion for me, and I am continually inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds me. 

My artwork is a challenge and sometimes a daunting process. But, to create a piece of art that I can be proud of and people can enjoy keeps me motivated and inspired.”

The Process

One of Jenny’s artwork passions is creating unique commissions for her clients.

The process usually starts with a discussion with the client, and the client will often produce some references such as photos or images that they would like to see in the artwork. Jenny works with the client to develop an appropriate size, budget and timeline for delivery.

Below is an example of one created in 2017.


The client had in mind a vessel that they wanted a larger format original painting of. This was the only reference to the vessel available.

Sketching it out

The next stage usually involves a sketch to actual size of the artwork. Depending on the subject, this may be sighted by the client for approval, before progressing to the next step.

Finally, the brushes come out!

After all the preparatory work has been blocked out, it’s time to put paint to canvas. 

The image to the left shows how it starts.

Below is the final artwork, delivered to the client.